Refresher training

Experienced fishermen who completed their basic safety training over three years ago can now sign up to undergo refresher training in sea survival, fire fighting, first aid, and safety awareness.

The refresher training courses are designed to bring experienced fishermen up-to-date with the latest developments in safety practices and equipment; the machinery on fishing vessels is constantly developing and, with it, so are our training courses.

Undertaking refresher training will ensure that you are prepared for any incidents or emergencies that may occur while at sea. The importance of maintaining good safety skills and knowledge cannot be emphasised enough.

Refresher courses for fishermen are offered by approved training providers across the UK; fishermen may want to consider that most of these courses will also be recognised in other maritime industries - where safety is of equal concern.

Seafish are delighted to announce that as from 1st June 2015 we will resume our full programme of funding support for commercial fishermen undertaking voluntary (safety-related) training. 

Funding will only be available to commercial fishermen who are fully compliant with Basic Safety Training Regulations. All applications for funding must be approved by us in advance of training being undertaken. we will consider funding any safety-related training that is not mandatory.


For more information about fishermen's refresher training, please either contact your local approved training provider or get in touch with us.