Mandatory training

Before going to sea to work on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel, there are a number of mandatory training courses that must be completed.

All new entrant fishermen must undertake Seafish basic safety training in:

  • Sea survival
  • Fire fighting
  • First aid
  • Health and safety

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) requires sea survival training to be completed before going to sea for the first time and requires the other three courses to be completed within three months.

Once you have completed the required training you can look on the following websites to see what vessels or which skippers are looking for available crew.   or

Experienced fishermen - Those who have at least two years of fishing experience and have also undertaken training in:

  • Safety awareness

Note the Safety awareness course can be undertaken after six months of fishing and MUST be completed within two years of starting fishing.  

One of the main concepts taught on the Safety Awareness course is that of Risk Assessments for more detailed information on Risk Assessments please click on the following link /industry-support/fishing/safety-at-sea/risk-assessment

In addition to basic safety training, skippers, mates and engineers working on vessels over 16.5m in length, or on vessels with a propulsive power of 750kW or more, are required to hold statutory MCA Certificates of Competency.

More details can be found in document MGN 411 which can be found by searching MGN 411 on the MCA website.

Seafish maintains a database of fishermen's training records; if you want to check what records we hold for you, please contact us. You should also let us know if your contact details change so that we can keep our records accurate and up-to-date.

For more details about mandatory training for fishermen, either contact your nearest Seafish approved training provider, or phone us on 01472 252302.