Storing your PFD

We've recently become aware of a few instances where personal flotation devices (PFDs) have inflated whilst being stored. It is important that Seafish and the manufacturers, Mullion, are alert to any potential PFD issues.

If you have experienced any issues with your PFD, we would urge you to contact Mullion at with details so that Seafish and Mullion can investigate.

In the meantime, it is worth restating storage and maintenance guidelines. These came in the safety booklet provided with the PFDs, but are repeated below for ease:

Do not store in a confined/enclosed space such as a locker as this will cause condensation and humidity to build up and may activate the lifejacket firing capsule. Always leave to dry in a clean, open space at normal room temperature to avoid this happening.

Do not iron; do not tumble dry; do not dry near direct heat.

Do not bleach.

Please have your lifejacket serviced every year, this will help maintain it and the firing capsule can be renewed to prevent unwanted inflations. The firing capsule contains a cellulose paper which can deteriorate after regular exposure to rain, spray and wet conditions. Even though these firing capsules have a 3 year life, for heavy commercial use it is recommended to replace them every year. A full list of Mullion approved service centres can be found on the following link -

Thanks for your help with this matter. We will, of course, let you know about the outcome of any investigation.