Stories from Sea

Read about the lives lost and saved at sea and why wearing a PFD can make a difference.

Stories of love and loss and the brave fishermen who risk their lives at sea to put fish on our plates. We want to hear from fishermen and their families and why wearing a PFD is so important, please contact Beth Nicol at Citypress  or join our Facebook page.


Dougie's story
Dougie Brown, 52, from the Isle of Coll, experienced a brush with death after being tossed into the water from his fishing boat on 14th February 2014. Had it not been for his personal flotation device (PFD), and as a weak swimmer, the fisherman would have most certainly lost his life. Watch Dougie tell his story and why he is urging all fishermen to wear a PFD.



Megan's story
Megan Willdig from Kirkcudbrightshire lost her partner Steven Robertson, two weeks before she found out she was pregnant. Steven's body was never recovered, which meant Megan could not put Steven down on her daughter Ava's birth certificate when she was born. Read Megan's story


Sam's story
Fisherman Sam Cully's life was saved after his boat sank in minutes off the coast of County Down. Sam was in the water for 45 minutes but was recovered by the RNLI thanks to the PFD he was wearing, which he had been given for free just weeks before. Read Sam's story or watch the film below. 




The True Price of Fish

The True Price Of Fish is a fantastic 20 minute documentary by film maker Grace Pascoe looking at the issue of fishermen not wearing lifejackets at sea. Set in the South West of England, Grace speaks to a range of people affected by fishermen choosing to wear or not wear a PFD including the fishermen, the families and the organisations aiming to make the
industry safer.