Get a Free PFD

Find out about the free PFD initiative and how to register for one.

Working closely with the fishing industry, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, the RNLI and the Fishermen's Mission, the Sea You Home Safe campaign is backing an initiative to ensure that every commercial fisherman in the UK is provided with a PFD.

The PFDs have been created by lifejacket specialists Mullion and feature a new lightweight, compact design, which has taken on board feedback from fishermen. The team at Mullion are always working on ways to improve the model and if you have any feedback please contact them.

Clearly a PFD is useless unless worn, which is why we require fishermen to attend a short workshop to convince them of the need to wear a PFD and explain how it should be worn, checked and maintained.  Fishermen must be eligible to work on a commercial boat in the UK which requires mandatory safety certifcates to be produced.

We require all fishermen interested in receiving a free PFD (funding permitting) to register in advance, to enable us to organise the distribution and delivery of the PFDs efficiently.

If you would like to apply for an individual PFD then please complete and return the registration form to Seafish or email it to

If you are a Skipper on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel and want to apply for PFDs for you and your crew then please complete and return the registration form to Seafish or email it to

Fishermen in Scotland

The Scottish Fishermen's Federation has secured EFF funding to provide PFDs for every commercial fishermen in Scotland, subject to them having completed the four mandatory basic safety training courses. Around 1,500 PFDs have been distributed since September 2013 at a series of demonstration events. For further information on future demonstration and collection events, please contact the SFF.

Fishermen in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations has secured EFF funding to distribute 1,000 PFDs to its members. All of these have been distributed.

The Fishermen's Mission has secured EFF funding to provide a further 840 PFDs to the remaining fishermen in Northern Ireland. All of these have been distributed.

A further 350 PFDs have been distributed by Seafish, the Fishermen's Mission and the RNLI to fishermen in England and Wales.

Seafish is applying for EFF funding to purchase a further 5,000 PFDs for distribution to the remaining fishermen in England.

For further information on the initiative in this area, you can contact Seafish or 01472 252302, the RNLI or the Fishermen's Mission.

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