Working with others

Seafish works with many organisations and individuals to ensure that the onshore sectors of the seafood industry have access to cost-effective and good quality training.

Seafood Training Academy - a partnership of organisations with the common aim of providing learning and training opportunities to anyone working in the fish and shellfish industry in the UK.  The Academy is managed by Seafish and supported by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink.

The Seafood Training Academy has a large and expanding website with free learning resources and information on seafood, apprenticeships, standards and courses. 

Seafish Approved Trainers - Seafish approved trainers deliver training courses across the UK in a wide range of topics.  If you need one of our trainers to deliver a course for you then please contact Seafish or the trainer directly.  Their details are available here.

Seafish Recognised Apprenticeship Providers - These are bodies approved by FDQ, SQA, Pearson Group, or City and Guilds to deliver fish and shellfish vocational qualifications.

These Centres have agreed a code of practice with Seafish to deliver vocational qualifications to learners in the fish and shellfish industry. The code of practice contains a commitment by both Seafish and the Centre to provide employers and prospective learners with information, advice and guidance to ensure that the fish and shellfish industry and individual employers are able to best benefit from the standards that make up these vocational qualifications.

Seafood Training Networks - these emerging networks are supported by Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy.  They are collaborations between employers, training providers, institutions, Seafish and others. The aim of these Networks is simply to work together for the benefit of trainees in the seafood industry.
The first of these networks was the Seafood Training Network for Wales which was launched in mid 2014.

Training Centres - Training centres are organisations that provide specialist training services to the seafood industry.  They may be private commercial ventures, Academy partners, educational intuitions etc.  To deliver these services centres will usually require specialist equipment and expertise.  We have approved training centres for quality assessment, bivalve purification, smoking and fish frying.

Awarding Organisations - Seafish itself is an awarding organisation (AO) for some fish specific training courses and qualifications. Seafish's status as an AO is largely informal, though our qualifications are widely recognised.

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy work closely with other, nationally recognised Awarding Organisations such as the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland REHIS), the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health and Food and Drink Qualifications Ltd. Some of our Academy Partners work closely with other bodies such as City and Guilds.