Retail & fishmongering

Well-trained staff in the retail sector have high-quality preparation and customer service skills, excellent product knowledge and impeccable food hygiene standards. Fishmongers have the broadest range of skills of any sector in the seafood industry.

Fishmongering training and apprenticeships are offered across much of the UK, and can give both experienced fishmongers and beginners a significant edge over the competition. Seafish offers a number of taught courses including.

Professional qualifications and apprenticeships are available to help fishmongers develop their skills and to recruit more capable and better motivated staff.

  • Fishmonger Skills
  • Introduction to Fishmongering. These courses cover customer service, knife skills, and much more.  Billingsgate Seafood Training School is the main (but not only) provider of this type of training.
  • Fish Filleting Training Programme. This course covers fish filleting techniques including skinning and steaking.  Knife skills training is available from a number of providers in the UK.


Fish and shellfish industry skills (FSIS) apprenticeships are available throughout most of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland at intermediate level and advanced level apprenticeships.

Seafish recognised Apprenticeship Providers are able to support apprentices throughout most of the UK. For more information, employers and potential apprentices should contact an apprenticeship provider or they can  contact us.

Learning Opportunities

There are study guides and online learning resources available from Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy, including this study guide - Introduction to Fishmongering.

Billingsgate Seafood Training School is the main source of fishmonger training in the UK, including fishmongering, knife skills and product knowledge courses.  Other providers are expanding their support for these types of courses.

For an overview of fishmonger training opportunities please visit this Seafood Academy topic page.

A full price list of retail training courses and materials available from Seafish can be found here. Seafish have also approved a range of general courses, which cover topics such as health and safety, hazard awareness, and food hygiene. These courses are also highly relevant to individuals working in the retail sector.