Seafood Quality Assessment

There are Seafood Quality Assessment courses offered at all levels, from introductory to refresher and advanced courses.

These courses can benefit fishmongers, retailers and quality assurance experts who need to be able to assess the quality of fish upon purchase. There are four separate courses offered:

  • Introductory, a four-hour course in which candidates can choose to study either the Raw Schemes course, which covers quality assessment of raw fish, or the Cooked Schemes course, which covers the quality assessment of cooked fish.
  • Intermediate, a two or three-day training course which bridges the gap between intermediate and advanced courses.
  • Advanced, a five-day course aimed at managers, supervisors and master fishmongers. This course covers both the theory and practice of using all five of your senses to assess seafood quality. Read more here.
  • Refresher, a practical programme aimed to refresh the knowledge of Advanced certificate holders.

These qualifications are all approved by Seafish, and certification is awarded upon successful completion of each course. More information about all of the courses can be found at the Seafood Training Academy, and you can read about two common seafood quality assessment methods - Torry and QIM - in this Seafish guidance note.

To sign up for one of these courses, please contact us.