Food safety

Food safety and hygiene courses are important in the retail, foodservice, and processing sectors of the seafood industry.

Courses in food safety are available from levels 1 to 3, offering training for introductory, elementary and intermediate qualifications. Courses are available as taught programmes, open learning courses, and eLearning .  Some courses are available in different languages.

Our courses are either approved by CIEH or REHIS.

  • Level 1/Introductory - available in various languages, taught course, REHIS approved.
  • Level 2/Elementary -  taught courses in English.  open learning programmes in various languages. There is an e-Learning course available in English.  REHIS/CIEH approved.

More information about courses in food safety can be found at the Seafood Training Academy. If you're interested in taking a course in food safety, please e-mail us or call 01472 252 302.

You can also see these leaflets on our training courses that are Seafood Training Academy recognised.