Bivalve Purification

After being farmed or harvested, bivalve molluscs – scallops, clams, oysters and mussels – need to be purified before they are dispatched for sale. This is done by bivalve purification and dispatch centres.

Seafish have developed a range of Operations, HACCP, management and Inspections training courses for the industry and for the Food Standards Agency.


Bivalve purification courses may be undertaken by individuals working in the this sector, and are offered for all levels of employee.

  • Bivalve Purification Operations and HACCP courses - generally we prefer to deliver this to the entire workforce at the same time, from manager to operative, often onsite.
  • Bivalve Purification Management courses - these are occasional courses for small groups of managers from different businesses.
  • Inspections courses - these are aimed at Food Enforcement Officers and have been delivered as part of the FSA 2-day Bivalve Hygiene training course for Local Authorities.  Occasionally we offer this course to employers/managers who want a greater insight into how to audit and inspect their own businesses.

You can also see these leaflets on our training courses that are Seafood Training Academy recognised.

Qualifications for managers

The Level 3 VRQ or vocationally related qualification in Bivalve Purification Management combines theoretical learning with practical skill demonstrations, and is comprised of the following units:

  • Principles of Controlling Bivalve Purification Processing
  • Principles of Managing Safety in Bivalve Purification Operations
  • Demonstrate Skills in Controlling Bivalve Purification Processing
  • Demonstrate Skills in Collecting Data and Monitoring in Bivalve Purification
  • Demonstrate Skills in Managing Safety in Bivalve Purification Operations

Training for this qualification can be offered as a combination of open learning and taught courses. More about the range of bivalve purification courses offered can be found at the Seafood Training Academy, or in this Seafish training leaflet.

Apprenticeships and NVQ/SVQs


These qualifications are based around the fish and shellfish industry skill framework.

To find out more or register your interest in taking a course in bivalve purification, please contact us.