Case Study - George and Dino Papadamou, Fish and Chip Shop Owners

George Papadamou, 24, and Dino Papadamou, 25, are brothers and joint partners in their family business - Papa's Fish and Chips. Prior to joining the family business, George graduated with a degree in medicine and worked as a doctor for a year, whilst Dino achieved a degree in law and spent a year working as a solicitor.

"The fish and chip industry has always attracted us, even from a young age. When the opportunity arose to join our family business we jumped at the chance and haven't looked back since.

We believe fish and chips is the nation's favourite dish, and take great pride and satisfaction in adapting the dish, its cooking techniques and practices for the 21st century consumer.

For us there's also an element of diversity in our role, a modern day fish frier does far more than the name might suggest. We have designed websites, marketing material, company promotions, undergone training courses and taken on and managed seafood apprentices.

Recently we were named as Young Fish Frier of the Year finalists as part of Drywites search for the best young fish friers in the country. This was a great achievement for us both and came alongside our new restaurant in Hull being shortlisted as one of the UK's top five fish and chip restaurants in the 2016 National Fish & Chip Awards.

Working in seafood has provided us with numerous opportunities to travel. We have spent time visiting factories of suppliers, both in the UK and abroad, as well as being invited to visit the Norwegian embassy by the Norwegian export council. Travelling to visit suppliers is a crucial part of the job as it helps us to ensure products are of the highest quality and consistency.

There are numerous perks to working in the sector, aside from the delicious fish and chips you get to enjoy on a regular basis, the role is also very well paid. Fish frying is actually recognised as a skill within the industry and highly experienced fish friers can expect to be paid above the average living wage.

Working in such large teams, coupled with the huge amount of customer interaction also ensures that the working day is never dull."