Young Seafood Leaders Network

We set up a network to connect the talented young professionals from across the UK seafood industry. Find out how to join and what is involved.

Inspired by fellow overseas networking groups; the network was launched at the end of the UK Seafood Summit in October 2018 in response to commitments made in our 2018-21 Corporate Plan to support the seafood sector as an employer of choice

The Young Seafood Leaders Network (YSLN) is a platform for knowledge sharing, identification, and appreciation of best practice. The goals are to:

  1. Provide opportunities to explore business development ideas, study innovation and lead change in the industry
  2. Provide networking opportunities
  3. Build partnerships and mentoring between young professionals and experienced industry practitioners
  4. Develop leadership skills
  5. Identify professional development opportunities and to help finding a platform to develop in
  6. Give our members a voice in industry

The YSLN is led by a steering group who shape the network’s annual programme of events and activities.

Highlights of the Young Seafood Leaders Network visit to Grimsby, visiting local seafood businesses as part of a learning and development day.

Join the future stars of the seafood industry

Members of the Young Seafood Leaders Network (YSLN) are the future stars of the seafood industry. The YSLN gives members the platform and voice to share ideas and shape the industry.

The YSLN is a free network and open to aspiring seafood leaders between 25 and 40 years of age who are passionate about their own development and that of the UK seafood industry.

Connect with your fellow peers today and access a wealth of knowledge and insight into the industry, by registering to join the Young Seafood Leaders Network on the following link below (external link opens in a new window). 

Steering Group

The steering group represents the diversity of the YSLN and the UK seafood industry and plays a crucial role in delivering the network’s objectives.

  • Femke de Boer, Scottish White Fish Producers Association
  • William Davies, Hilton Seafood UK
  • Nadia Laabs, SafetyNet Technologies
  • Wasseem Emam, Ethical Seafood Research
  • Sarah Hussey, Sea Farms Ltd
  • Emma McKeating, Premier Seafoods
  • James Wood, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Consultant and Fisherman

Member's Terms of Reference


To find out more about the YSLN, please contact