Feedback on the RFS Standard

Seafish welcomes your feedback on the Responsible Fishing Scheme as part of the annual review of the RFS Standard. This is an opportunity for all parties with an interest in the scheme to comment on how the Standard may need to respond to changes in the external environment. For example, in 2016, feedback via the RFS Technical Committee led to a practical change to fire exit requirements.

The annual review process allows for minor amendments to the RFS Standard to ensure that the scheme is meeting its overall objective to “promote a responsible fishing industry, assuring good practice from sea to quayside and contribute to its long term viability”.


Your comments will be collated and reviewed by the independent RFS Oversight Board, composed of representatives of all sectors of the UK seafood supply chain, from catchers to retailers, plus fishing safety and ethics experts.

All feedback must be submitted on the official RFS Public Comments form available here. This form must be completed in full, including your name or the name of your organisation, or your comments will not be eligible for consideration by the RFS Oversight Board. Your feedback may also be referenced on the RFS comments webpage – although all comments will be collated and anonymised.

Please email this form to:

or post it to: RFS Programme Manager, Seafish, 18 Logie Mill, Edinburgh EH7 4HS

All eligible comments received will be presented for discussion and resolution at the next Oversight Board meeting. Feedback from the Oversight Board will be made available on this website.

In addition to this annual review, planning is underway for a more in-depth review of the strategic direction of the scheme to help inform the development of Version 2 of the RFS Standard. This review, which will follow later in 2018, will require Seafish to run a formal process including further public consultation. Seafish will share further details with the RFS Technical Committee and Oversight Board members at the next scheduled meetings.