Product Integrity

Seafood product integrity is of the utmost importance to Seafish and the seafood industry.

What is seafood product integrity?   

A product has integrity if it meets market and consumer expectations. This means it has not been adversely affected by natural events or deliberate acts that undermine the weight, composition, format, safety, legality, quality or provenance of the product. 

Product integrity risks can ultimately undermine the reputation of seafood as a safe, healthy and nutritious product. Whether business to business or business to consumer, ensuring product integrity at every point in the supply chain is essential. 

Our work in this area is focussed on ensuring businesses have access to information which outlines product integrity risks and how these can be avoided and managed.

Horizon scanning 

Seafish aims to keep ahead of the curve through horizon scanning; a process which systematically investigates the evidence for future trends and their implications. This work supports and prepares industry, as well helping the sector to understand the implications and opportunities for action. 

Priority risks are subject to deep review, which investigate the key drivers, major industry impacts arising and suggests a response from Seafish and the industry.

To read the Seafish review of Product Integrity, please click here   

Seafish product integrity resources 

We are developing a series of factsheets and guides on product integrity for seafood businesses, covering the main areas where seafood products may be affected. Further guides will be available soon.

Product integrity and legal requirements

All businesses need to be sure that their products are legally compliant. Our Regulation team produces guidance on the legal requirements around product integrity.