Social Responsibility workshop, Malta.

Seafish facilitated the pre-summit workshop at the Seaweb Seafood Summit in Malta on Sunday 31 January 2016. The topic was 'Social Responsibility in Seafood'.

This workshop presented the ongoing or developing initiatives that aim to eliminate social and ethical concerns in the seafood industry, as well as map these initiatives throughout the supply chain. This was a well attended workshop with 22 speakers in total. The aim was to collectively advance the discussion and provide useful information to those who were aware of the issues, and raise the issues to those who were less informed.

There was a handout for attendees which summarised the work, research, evidence, or an initiative, which is having an important impact - either directly on workers, or changing the operating landscape for seafood businesses in tackling modern slavery/forced labour. The information contained in this handout has now been incorporated into Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing.

Seafish will continue to work on social responsibility. We will not do this in isolation and our primary means of communication will be
through our dedicated Seafood Ethics Common Language Group.

Links to the Malta workshop presentation and handout are below.

Seafish 'Social Responsibility in Seafood' workshop. Malta, January 2016.

Presentation of current and developing initiatives
Handout on current and developing initiatives