The UK Scallop Group

This Group aims to secure a sustainable future for the scallop harvesting sector of the industry.

It represents everybody involved in the harvesting of scallops - from fishermen to culturists, and balances the needs of environmental protection with profitable operations.

An 'acceptable footprint' will be agreed upon by the UK Scallop Group, allowing fishermen and culturists to harvest scallops while minimising negative impacts on the environment, particularly in sensitive habitats.This will be realistic and achievable, as well addressing the concerns of environmental groups and operating in a way which meets the needs of the supply chain.

The group is led by the Scallop Association, with the Shellfish Association of Great Britain as rapporteur. It is chaired by James Wilson, of the Seafish Board, and supported by Seafish.

Minutes from previous meetings of the UK Scallop Group can be found below.

For more information, please contact Bill Lart.