The Seafood Ethics Common Language Group

The Seafood Ethics Common Language Group has been set up by Seafish to bring together all sectors of the seafood supply chain to provide a collective response to growing concerns regarding unethical practices within the global seafood market.

Seafish facilitates and provides the secretariat for the group which met for the first time in July 2014. Participants include retailers, foodservice, processors, environmental non-governmental organisations, development organisations and charities and the catching sector. The group membership is international.

The aim of the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group is to establish a common understanding of ethical issues impacting on the seafood supply chain, to communicate the work currently going on to address them, and agree a clear agenda for future action.

Meetings are held twice a year. The presentations and minutes from these meetings can be found below. We have archived presentations from previous meetings but these are available from E: Karen Green.

The most recent meeting was on Wednesday 11 July 2018 in London. The next meeting is on Wednesday 30 January 2019 in London.

The Terms of Reference (May 2015) can be found here

Social responsibility is a key work area for Seafish. As well as faciliating the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group Seafish is working in a number of key areas to address this issue including: Outreach activities; a project to assess ethical issues in the UK supply chain; the Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS) and the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS).

See our Ethics in Seafood web page for more details on this work and to download Seafish briefing papers.

For further information on the group please contact Karen Green. To be added to the SECLG mailing list to receive our monthly news update and details on the meetings please register here 

Presentations from 11 July 2018 Seafood Ethics CLG meeting:

Back2Source initiative. Unseen
ILO 188 Update. Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Fishermen's Welfare Alliance. National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations
Seafood Ethics Action Alliance. Seachill
Consumer Foods Forum and forced labour (CGF)
CGF Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative/Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative
Marine Stewardship Council labour standards. MSC
New Responsible Fishing Scheme entity. Seafish
Mapping seafood supply chains in Indonesia. Coventry University
Oxfam seafood research findings. Oxfam
Thai Union update and Vessel Code of Conduct. Thai Union
Work of the International Justice Mission in Thailand. IJM

Presentations from 24 January 2018 Seafood Ethics CLG meeting:

The recruitment pathway. Scottish White Fish Producers Association
Non-EAA nationals working in the Northern Ireland fishing industry. SeaSource
UK implementation of ILO 188. Maritime and Coastguard Agency
New Labour Market Enforcement Strategy. Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Agency
Clearview certification for labour recruiters. Association of Labour Providers
Eliminating recruitment and employment fees. Hannah Newcomb, Consultant
Progress on the Food Network for Ethical Trade. FNET
Marine Stewardship Council labour policy update. MSC
Documenting social sustainability in the Norwegian wild capture fisheries. Nofima
Seafish certification: moving from assurance to engagement on social issues. Birgitte Poulsen, Consultant
Responsible Fishing Scheme update. Seafish

Presentations from 11 July 2017 Seafood Ethics CLG meeting:

Global Slavery Index, supply chain transparency and mandatory reporting. Walk Free Foundation
The Keystone Dialogues. Shona Russell
Seafood Stewardship Index. Index Initiative
Cape Town Agreement. Pew Trusts
Implementation of ILO 188 in the UK. Maritime and Coastguard Agency
The truth is out there - bringing visibility. Liberty Asia
PAS 1550. Exercising due diligence on fishery and seafood products. World Wildlife Fund/Environmental Justice Foundation
Multi Stakeholder Initiatives. Elevate
HRRTS and the Responsible Fishing Scheme. Seafish

Seafood Ethics CLG minutes

Seafood Ethics CLG. July 2018
Seafood Ethics CLG. January 2018
Seafood Ethics CLG. July 2017
Seafood Ethics CLG. January 2017
Seafood Ethics CLG. July 2016
Seafood Ethics CLG. February 2016
Seafood Ethics CLG. July 2015
Seafood Ethics CLG. January 2015
Ethics Working Group meeting notes (focus on human trafficking and slave labour in the Thai seafood industry) - July 2014