CLG Brexit Special

Seafish held a Common Language Group special event on the implications of Brexit for the seafood industry on Friday 7 October 2016.

Seafish organised a Common Language Group (CLG) 'special' event to explore the potential issues and opportunities that leaving the EU could have for the seafood sector. Seafish lined up expert speakers from across the seafood supply chain to talk about key areas such as trade, regulation, marine governance, public funding and access to labour.

Tom Pickerell, Technical Director at Seafish said: "With so many unknowns at this stage, our Common Language Group special is all about knowledge-sharing and helping to inform the transition. We want to bring the seafood industry together to listen to the views of those who have been looking closely at this, to hear perspectives from different sectors of the industry and also to contribute to the discussion.

"Seafish will be producing a comprehensive matrix of sectoral views to show the key outcomes hoped for in a post-Brexit seafood sector, as well as the things to avoid post-Brexit and the many unknowns. This meeting is part of that learning process and we encourage industry to attend and contribute."

The presentations and the notes on the meeting can be found below. For further information contact Karen Green