The Common Language Group

The Common Language Group (CLG) develops understanding on a range of important issues affecting the seafood supply chain.

It discusses key issues such as fishing methods, seafood traceability, IUU fishing, mixed fisheries management, seafood 'scoring' schemes and discarding, and takes the opportunity to share new ideas or case studies from around the world.

The aim of the CLG is to use factual information to reach a minimum baseline understanding of the principles underpinning a responsible seafood supply chain. This helps to ensure all stakeholders have a broad knowledge of the issues.

The Group, which has gathered every four months since 2007, brings together representatives from the retail, processing, food service and restaurant sectors; as well as NGOs, consumer groups, governments, scientists and producer organisations.

It is closely involved in reviewing the Seafish Responsible Sourcing Guides, after being a prime mover in initiating their production. These have now been incorporated into the Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS).

The CLG terms of reference can be found here. Minutes of CLG meetings can be found below.

There are generally three meetings a year. The presentations and minutes from these meetings are below. The most recent meeting was on Thursday 2 March 2017 in London. The presentations are below and the minutes will follow in due course. The next meeting is on Thursday 22 June  in London. See also information on the Seafish CLG Brexit special on Friday 7 October.

For further information please contact Karen Green.


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Presentations from 2 March 2017 meeting:

Product integrity: provenance and authenticity - Fair Seas
Regulatory IUU framework in the UK - Defra
Controlling Illegal fishing in Europe - NGO Coalition
The Landing Obligation and MSC fisheries - FishFix
Retailer perspective on IUU - Tesco
Evidence-based risk assessments - MRAG
Technological solutions to IUU - Pew Trusts
Natural stable isotope tracers to detect IUU - University of Southampton
Industry collaboration to address tuna fraud - Seafish
SNAPTrace - University of Salford

Presentations from 10 November 2016 meeting:

Industry Generated Data in the Management Context - National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations
Industry Dependent Date - a silver bullet? - Fishing into the Future
Fishing4Data - NFFO/World Wildlife Fund
Herring industry acoustic survey - Scottish Pelagic Fishermen's Association
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund - Marine Management Organisation
Fish Stock Status - Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Fish & Chip Nutritional Analysis and Consumer Preferences - Seafish
Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative - GSSI
Sustainable Seafood Coalition - ClientEarth
Global Ghost Gear Initiative - World Animal Protection
Marine Conservation Society - MCS 

Presentations from 29 June 2016 meeting:

Towed gear innovation workshop - Esperson/Icelandic Seachill/Seafish
Introduction to Fisheries Innovation Scotland - Richard Slaski, FIS
Future FIS projects on innovation in selectivity - MRAG
Trends in gear selectivity - Mike Montgomerie, Seafish
Project Trawlight. David Parker, Young's Seafood Ltd
Future-proofing oysters - Ocean Conservancy
Fishing into the Future - Jim Masters, FITF
Project UK - Claire Pescod, MSC
Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative - Herman Wisse, GSSI 

Presentations from 22 March 2016 meeting:

Microplastics in the oceans - Plastic Soup Foundation
Sources, fate and effects of microplastics - Cefas
Shadow fisheries risk assessments for MPAs - ABPmer
Initial reaction to the demersal landing obligation - Defra
Initial reaction to the demersal landing obligation - SWFPA
European Maritime Fisheries Fund - Defra
Added Water Task Force - AIPCE
Update on the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative - GSSI

Key publications:

Responsible Sourcing Information