Consumer research

Seafish conducts consumer research for the benefit of the foodservice and retail sectors.

Seafood is a diverse, interesting and healthy way to consume more protein and increase your intake of omega-3; it's clear that communicating these benefits to consumers is crucial.

Our research highlights the ways in which seafood consumers make purchasing decisions, and indicates that:

  • Creating visual cues which reinforce the imagery of freshness will make consumers see your seafood as 'fresh'. Consumers are also encouraged by a well-stocked ice bed with clear labelling.
  • Chilled, pre-packed food should be packaged so that consumers can still see the product clearly.
  • When it comes to frozen seafood, consumers expect to see bright packaging with images of the product. Recognisable brands are seen as a measure of quality assurance.
  • Imagery of chefs may increase product credibility, as consumers often see chef-endorsed products as being of a higher quality.
  • Consumers find it harder to pick out information on bagged products, though they are easier to store and allow consumers to see the product and are more appropriate for frozen products.

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