Strategic Intentions Survey

The Seafish Economics Team is carrying out a study to investigate the impact of the Landing Obligation on demersal and nephrops vessel owners' strategic intentions for their businesses.

The Landing Obligation is a major policy shift likely to impact the fishing fleet in a number of ways. Research has shown that vessel owners' alter their fishing behaviour and business strategies to cope with changing management measures. This study aims to identify and analyse the different strategies vessel owners' intend to adopt and the factors influencing their decisions to do so.

Data will be collected through face to face interviews with vessel owners by a team of field researchers in conjunction with this year's Fleet Survey. Our aim is to speak to as many owners of demersal and nephrops vessels as possible to represent the range and diversity of opinions and strategies within these target fisheries.

We aim to conduct follow up surveys in the years following the implementation of the Landing Obligation. This will allow us to analyse how vessel owners' intentions change in response to the Landing Obligation and identify the factors that allowed or prevented them from carrying out their intentions for their business. It is anticipated that the results of this study will help inform policy, particularly measures to mitigate the impacts of the Landing Obligation.

Our researchers will be on the Quayside from July to September this year conducting this research alongside the Fleet Survey. For more information or to register interest please contact Kirsten Milliken on 0131 524 8668.