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‘Off-bottom’ trawling techniques for the sustainable exploitation of non-pressure stocks in Cornish inshore waters

K.Arkley, R.Caslake

his report reviews the ecology, biology, reproduction, recruitment, growth, maturity, stock dynamics and gear technology relating to the sustainable exploitation of john dory (Zeus faber), Black seabream (Spondyliosoma cantharus), Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis), Squid (Loligo forbesi & Loligo vulgaris) and Whiting (Merlangius merlangus) off SW England. It also contains analysis of the data on these species contained in the Marine Biological Assocaition long term datasets from trawl catches off Plymouth Fishing Gear Development and Testing This report describes the construction (including net plans and rigging details) and flume tank testing of off bottom trawls suitable for use in Cornish inshore waters. Fishing Gear Testing This report describes the testing of off bottom trawls in Cornish inshore waters. This project was carried out under Defra's Cornish Objective 1 FIFG programme; Innovative Measures – A demonstration trial to assess the potential of ‘off bottom’ trawling techniques for the sustainable exploitation of non-pressure stocks in Cornish Inshore waters. DEFRA Project reference No. FEP 592

September 2004Download PDF

utlook for European brown crab: Understanding brown crab production and consumption in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal

A Garrett et al

This report provides information on the production systems and consumption patterns in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. Information covers: Stocks (the geographical and ecological context for the source of brown crab – waters of the North East Atlantic concerning the UK, Rep of Ireland, France mainly). Capture production. Transport and distribution (concerning the movement of brown crab between stages of production: road, sea and air). Processing/storage (concerning receiving/preparation/preservation and packing of brown crab) Market/Sales outlet (concerning export/retail/food service/wholesale – UK, Rep of Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and external export markets). Consumption (concerning in-home and out of home consumption). Waste (concerning the collection/treatment of waste products – including packaging to landfill, incineration, recycling, or composting).

June 2015Download PDF

the Market Potential for Marine Finfish Species from British and Irish Aquaculture

British Marine Finfish Association, BIM Irish Sea Fisheries Board, SFIA

Aquaculture is already playing a major part in supplying seafood into the European market - some 420,000 tonnes per annum out of a fleet landing total of c.6,700,000 tonnes, or 6-7% of the total by weight. If all the member states of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers are included, the tonnage rises to some 1,000,000 tonnes per annum, with a total value of £1,984 million in 1999 - compared, for example, with a combined total first sale value of fisheries landings of some $452 million in the UK and Ireland.

December 2000Download PDF

lD Guide for Skates and Rays

John Richardson, Gus Caslake, Roger Forbes

ID guide for species of Skates and Rays commonly caught in the Celtic Sea and English Channel

February 2017Download PDF

dawn test

Seafish Training


March 2018Download XLSX