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A Guide for Ecological Risk Assessment of the Effects of Commercial Fishing (ERAEF)

John Cotter, William Lart

Wild capture marine fisheries are, by definition, dependant on the natural processes of marine ecosystems. Traditionally single species stock assessments have focussed on the dynamics of individual species. However, there is increasing awareness that fisheries assessments should not be separated from their supporting ecosystem. This report reviews ecosystem risk assessessment methods and describes in detail the method evolved in Australia by CSIRO.

March 2011Download PDF

Care of the Catch (with guide)


This publication is free to UK Fishermen


Chartwork 2


1986Open learning module

Chartwork 3


1986Open learning module

Coaching in the Workplace

Kath Floater

This distance learning pack introduces the reader to coaching and looks at the different stages of coaching including the preparation, demonstration and monitoring processes. To order a copy for £25 which includes the training DVD, VIPs – Coaching in the Workplace, please email or telephone 01472 252302. Alternatively, you can download this document for free.

March 1997Download PDF