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10 Golden Rules For Looking After Your Crustacea Stock

M Jacklin

10 top tips for keeping crustacea tip top.


Appropriate Assessment Good Practice Guidelines

Mark Gray

A summary of guidelines to ensure those subject to an Appropriate Assessment are aware of the key areas that need to be addressed.

December 2006N/A

Classification of shellfish harvesting areas

Mandy Pyke

The Food Standards Agency, in compliance with European regulations, has classified bivalve mollusc harvesting areas and beds on the basis of the level of E. coli in the mollusc flesh.

February 2017Download PDF

Coastal Characterisation & the CSO Text Alert Initiative

Martin Bowes, Mandy Pyke

Combined Sewer Overfalls (CSO's) are a safety valve in the treatment of human waste that can when operated in the area of bivalve mollusc harvesting. Text alerts of activation of CSO's direct to harvesters are now being trialled in the UK. This document describes the factors that can be considered by a harvester when carrying out a risk assessment. Knowledge of these factors affects when text alerts are received will result in enhanced active management decisions.

September 2013Download PDF

Designation of Auction Centres and Registration of Buyers and Sellers of First Sale Fish

Seafish Legislation

A new scheme is being introduced that will require buyers and sellers of first sale fish and shellfish landed into the UK to register with Fisheries Departments. It will also require the designation of auction centres and fish markets at which such fish is sold. Fisheries Departments have established a joint implementation advisory group with stakeholders to provide advice on implementing the new scheme. This guide has been produced with the aim of providing informal, non-statutory guidance for businesses of what is required of them in order to register (whether a fish auction centre, or as a buyer or seller of fish), submit sales notes and maintain appropriate records of first sale fish. This guide is advisory and does not have any legal status. Ultimately, only the courts can decide whether, in particular circumstances, an offence has been committed.

May 2005Download PDF