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Losses of Seed Mussels from Spatted Ropes following their Transfer between Sites 1985/1986

J.D. Paul

A series of experiments was set up during 1985 to investigate losses of mussel seed from spatted ropes following transfer between sites. Batches of differently rigged collector ropes were transferred between Loch Etive and Loch Sunart on 24.7.85, 21.8.85 and 18.9.85.


An Assessment of Optimum Environmental Criteria for the Successful Depuration of Ostrea edulis, Mercenaria mercenaria, Tapes decussatus, Tapes philippinerum, Cercstoderma edule and Mytilus edulis in the UK

M. Boulter, P. Wilson

Paper presented 13-17th November 1994 at the 1st International Molluscan Seafood Safety Conference.


Scottish fleet financial forecast 2007

H Curtis, S Anton

This report looks at the likely earnings and profits for vessels fishing in the North Sea and West of Scotland in 2007. Published February 2007.


West of Scotland Nephrops fishery - review of issues facing the industry - key features

H Curtis, S Anton

This report contains a summary of the survey carried out in early 2006 at the request of the West of Four Fisheries Management Group. was written to help inform efforts to identify effective solutions to issues facing the nephrops sector on the west coast of Scotland.


Slipper Limpet Utilisation and Management - Final Report (January 2007)

Andy Fitzgerald

The Port of Truro Oyster Management Group has identified the slipper limpet as a major potential threat to the continued viability of the native oyster fishery. In the first step to establish the level of threat posed by this non-indigenous invasive species CEFAS was commissioned to monitor population levels in association with oyster stock surveys in 2004, 2005 and 2006. This report aims to assess the information provided by these previous studies and put them into context with experience elsewhere in order to provide options for the management and utilisation of slipper limpets in this region.