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Latest Scientific Advice on Skates and Rays

Sophy McCully and Jim Ellis

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Legislation Newsletter – September 2010

Ivan Bartolo, Fiona Wright, Peter Wilson

Monthly update of seafood legislation developments.

September 10Download PDF

Code of Practice on the Declaration of Fish Content in Fish Products

UK Association of Frozen Food Producers, BFFF, BRC, BHA, Seafish, LOCTS, Association of Public Analy

This code covers the labelling and declaration of fish content with respect to the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Labelling Regulations 1996, particularly with reference to quantitative ingredient declarations (QUID), and the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. The code describes fish blocks, minced fish, fish cakes and scampi products, and relates nitrogen factors to fish content.

March 1998Download PDF

Evaluation and improvement of shellfish dredge design and fishing effort in relation to technical conservation measures and environmental impact: ECODREDGE FAIR CT98-4465;

W. Lart

This file provides access to the reports produced during the ECODREDGE project. This project systematically examines the bivalve dredging process and its physiological and ecological consequences. The literature on ecology and population dynamics of the target species, dredge design and fisheries and the environmental effects of dredging and selectivity of dredging is reviewed. A programme of experimental work, both laboratory and field studies is described in scallop and clam dredge fisheries in European waters; scallop species (UK, France) Pecten maximus, Aequipecten opercularis, clam species (Italy; N. Adriatic) Chamelea gallina, clam species (Portugal) Spisula solida, Donax trunculus, Callista chione. Selectivity measures and dredge design are examined for their consequences in terms of environmental effects. Studies included physical, chemical and biological effects both at individual and community level, and selectivity of dredging. These studies include the use of instrumentation and modelling to describe physical effects and behavioural observations, stress and damage indices, both acute and chronic, to describe environmental effects.In the discussion measurement of environmental effects and selectivity are discussed along with the environmental effects of selectivity parameters, dredge designs and responses to fishing effort. The results are discussed in the context of dredge fishery management. - “(Keywords: scallop, clam, environmental impact, selectivity)”.

July 2007Download ZIP

Fishing Vessel Hygiene Checksheet

Ivan Bartolo

Seafish, in collaboration with the Food Standards Agency, industry and enforcement representatives, has produced a number of hygiene checklists and associated documents for checking whether fishing vessels comply with minimum hygiene requirements.

November 2007Download PDF