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The Fishermen's Handbook

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A compendium of facts and figures containing details of the various costs associated with fishing and the revenues earned from it. Data gathered anonymously from nearly 300 vessels is used to determine average costs/revenues for 22 sectors of the UK fishing fleet. This publication – as the “2001 Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet” - can be used to compare a particular boat’s economic performance against the average for that type of boat + fishing operation. This second edition also has sections on Taxation, Track Records, and Port and Harbour Contacts.


Fishermen's Handbook_Costs and Earnings of the Uk Fishing Vessel Fleet 1996/97

Nautilus Consultants and Sea Fish Industry Authority

The SFIA has gathered data on costs and earnings of the UK Fishing Vessel Fleet, via annual surveys, since the 1970's. This information was used to examine the economic performance of the fleet as a whole and the results were distributed to fishing vessel owners in the form of a booklet containing summaries broken down into vessel length groupings.

August 1998Download PDF

The Possibilities of Labelling Fish by its Region of Origin

E. Fossey

This report is a response to speculation shown in the industry regarding consumer reaction to the ability to identify fish by its area of origin within Britain, and whether, and to what degree, consumers would favour fish landed locally as opposed to non-local fish. SEAFISH commissioned a survey among a structured sample of principal shoppers, and this report presents statistics and resultant conclusions from this survey.

1999Download PDF

2000 Survey of the UK Sea Fish Processing Industry

H.C. Curtis

In this detailed report the structure of the whole industry is revealed, highlighting trends and changes since 1995 and earlier. Tables, charts, and graphs illustrate the key points concerning how the industry is organised, how it is evolving, and how this affects the distribution of employment in the industry. Results are broken down by region, by company size, by fish type, and by type of processing carried out (primary, secondary, or mixed). There is detailed financial analysis of the primary and mixed processing sectors, showing the strengths and weaknesses of the industry as a whole, and highlighting regional and sectoral differences.

2000Download PDF

The Seafish Challenge Reviewed

Dr. E. Fossey

In 1998 Seafish ran a nationwide competition, The Seafish Challenge, the aim of which was to encourage fish processing companies to develop successful new fish products for restaurants in the mid-price/mid-market sector. This research evaluates this initiative.

March 2000Download PDF