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Hyperbooks - Shellfish Guidance Notes

Craig Burton

Shellfish guidance notes.

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Aquaculture Hyperbooks Halibut Onshore on-growing economic model

Not known

These pages are a Microsoft Excel based economic modelling tool that will enable you to explore how the onshore on-growing aspects of a halibut cultivation business may function. There are other models covering the hatchery, nursery and cage-based on-growing aspects. Technical pages containing a wealth of information and advice on cultivating halibut can also be downloaded.

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Effect of Bio-Mos on the growth and survival of cultured European lobster (Homarus gammarus)

C.Daniels, D.Boothroyd, Dr.S.Davies, R.Pryor, D.Taylor, C.Wells

In agricultural studies, Bio-Mos® (Mannan Oligosaccharide) has been shown to enhance the growth and survival of domestic livestock. Bio-Mos® does this by increasing the efficiency of the digestive tract, so improving food breakdown and nutrient uptake. Bio-Mos® is a prebiotic with immunostimulant properties which could potentially reduce bacterial diseases. Therefore, increasing survival in Homarid lobster culture. Objective The objective of this trial was to evaluate the use of Bio-Mos® as a dietary immunostimulant for improving European lobster culture. The two main aims were to; 1. Determine the effect of Bio-Mos® on the survival of larvae. 2. Determine the effect of feeding Bio-Mos® at the larval stage on the growth and survival during subsequent juvenile stages.

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Clam Cultivation


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Lobster Hatcheries Leaflet


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