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Irish Sea Selectivity

Mike Montgomerie, Richard Briggs

This project was to trial several selectivity devices to find one that would reduce cod discards in the Northern Ireland nephrops fishery to 1.5% of the total catch. The devices tested were the Swedish Grid, four panel 'Seltra' style codends, coverless trawl, and a plastic grid.The one found most effective was the four panel codend extension with square mesh in the top panel.

June 2013Download PDF

Utilising discards not destined for human consumption in bulk uses

CEFAS SC Mangi and TL Catchpole

Further to the Defra ‘Fishing for the Markets’ initiative, this study explores whether discards not destined for human consumption can be utilised by commercial outlets in the UK. The availability of commercial outlets for discards not used in the human food chain is a key factor in the development and success of a potential utilisation programme in the event of a total discard ban. The report provides an overview of the potential quantities of discards potentially available under a discard ban, options available for the bulk use of discards, their availability to the catching sector and associated issues. The project was funded by Defra, commissioned by Seafish and undertaken by Cefas.

November 2012Download PDF

Summary of the potential impacts of the network of English marine conservation zones on the UK fishing industry

Alex Caveen

This report combines three sources of information to help inform industry and Seafish about the potential impacts of the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) network on fishing through using; 1) the information provided by the four MCZ projects, 2) JNCC and NE advice to the government and 3) the four regional MCZ socio-economic impact assessments (SEIAs). The SEIAs show the potential annual value of fish landings that might be affected if potential MCZs are managed in a way that restrict fishing.

November 2012Download PDF

Fishing spatial-temporal pressures and sensitivities analysis for MPA Fish-ing Industry Collaboration Pilot FES 252: Report on Seafish workshop on the physical effects of fishing activities on the Dogger Bank


This workshop, which is part of a larger project; Fishing Spatial-Temporal pressures and sen-sitivities analysis for MPAs (FES 252) carried out by NFFO and funded by EFF, is designed to review knowledge of physical actions on the seabed of fishing gear components and their envi-ronmental effects in order to contribute to this process of risk assessment.

November 2012Download PDF

The value of Irish Sea Marine Conservation Zones to the Northern Irish fishing industry

Cappell. R, Nimmo. F, Rooney. L

This report is by Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd at the request of the Seafish Northern Ireland Advisory Committee (SNIAC) and was funded by Seafish.

August 2012Download PDF