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lD Guide for Skates and Rays

John Richardson, Gus Caslake, Roger Forbes

ID guide for species of Skates and Rays commonly caught in the Celtic Sea and English Channel

February 2017Download PDF

Marine Legislation Newsletter – December 2016

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Consultation on Dealing with Gear Conflict; UK – Marine Litter, Consultation on Microbeads; UK – Consultation on Amendments to the EIA Directive; Changes to the 2012 Fisheries Concordat; England – South Marine Plans; EU – Horizon 2020; Marine Protected Area Consultations Scottish Natural Heritage report into Priority Marine Features; EU – Developing new legislation on fisheries data collection; NI – Designation of Four Marine Conservation Zones

January 2017Download PDF

Reducing the depuration time of bivalve molluscs: assessing risk based reductions in depuration times

Mandy Pyke

Bivalve molluscs harvested from ‘B’ classified areas which are to be delivered to market alive need to be ‘depurated’. This involves holding them in clean seawater in such a way that they purge themselves of low level bacterial contamination. In the United Kingdom this has traditionally been done for 42 hours. This period of time is not set by legislation or science and is applied to all species. The FSA have reviewed this situation and will now allow the length of the depuration process to be shortened, in circumstances where the Food Business Operator (FBO) can provide evidence to and gain the authorisation from the local enforcement officer that to do so would not result in an unsafe food being placed on the market. For some foods and FBOs the potential reduction in depuration time may not be suitable or desirable. Seafish have produced this paper introducing the subject of risk assessment in this context.

January 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 10/12/2016 – 06/01/2017

Cristina Fernandez

Brexit; Grave consequences if Parliament is all but excluded from EU Brexit talks; Statement after the informal meeting of the 27 heads of state or government; UK 'lacks negotiating experience' for Brexit, Norway's PM warns; Motion for a European Parliament resolution on the feed given to organically farmed salmon; Organizational changes within DG MARE; MEPs call for EU to back research into nitrite alternatives

January 2017Download PDF

Fishmeal and Feed Fisheries News Summary. Nov/Dec 2016.

Karen Green

Seafish continue to support the fishmeal industry through the provision of news and sustainability information. This monthly news bulletin covers the status of feed fish stocks, key EU and UK legislation, industry reports, fishmeal market reports, industry and market news, feed safety and omega-3 health messages.

January 2017Download PDF