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2017 Quotas for pelagic stocks used in fishmeal production

Karen Green

This summarises the 2017 quota allocations for pelagic stocks used in fishmeal production for the North East Atlantic and South America.

August 2017Download PDF

48 Documentation and Procedural Req Seafish Cert for NV Issue 10

Marine Survey

48 Documentation and procedural requirements for Seafish new build Certification.

February 2016Download PDF

658 Pacific Oyster Protocol - Technical Report

Martin Syvret and Andrew Fitzgerald

The potential impact of wild Pacific oysters on local biodiversity is being raised as an issue that has to be considered in environmental assessments of both new farms and changes to practices by existing farms where they occur in wildlife protected areas. A FIFG-funded project has been carried out by Seafish which focuses on Pacific oyster cultivation in and around European Marine Sites. Working closely with industry and statutory nature conservation agencies, relevant background information was collated (Development of a Pacific oyster aquaculture protocol for the UK - Technical Report and a protocol proposed (Development of a Pacific oyster aquaculture protocol for the UK - Protocol template. Where there could be an impact on protected wildlife and/or marine habitats, husbandry and management techniques have been proposed to mitigate or eliminate any potential impacts. The project complements the ‘Memorandum of Understanding for Appropriate Assessments in European Marine Sites’ that was agreed between the SAGB and Natural England.

September 2008Download PDF

Not known

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A Business Study of the Fish Industry at Grimsby

R.J.A. Nichol

In 1981 the SFIA undertook a comprehensive study of the Fish Industry in Grimsby (Report M & D No. 470). As with all studies of this type, the circumstances change rapidly and any report must be subjected to review from time to time. Currently, the fish industries of both Hull and Grimsby are under study by a team of consultants who have the task of identifying projects which might be eligible for EEC funding. This study in turn is part of an integrated regional study of all the major industries on both sides of the River Humber which has the aim of assessing the long term development prospects for the Industry. The Report M & D 470 has been used as a source document by many organisations, including the two consulting firms, and in order to avoid any misleading information, the SFIA in response to a request from the Grimsby town Council, agreed to bring the Report up to date. This document, is therefore, based on the current state of the Grimsby fish Industry in February 1984. This report has been produced from a scanned original and may therefore contain some formatting and other inaccuracies. In cases where this affects the technical content, a paper copy of the original report can still be obtained from Seafish

February 1984Download PDF