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Assessment of the benefits of MSC Certification to a major UK fishery and its supply chain

Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd.

his study has been undertaken by Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd for the Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Accreditation Group (SFSAG) and was completed from January to April 2014. The aim of this work is to inform decision making processes on Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, including whether fisheries should enter the MSC certification process in the first place or if currently certified fisheries should seek re-assessment (after the 5 year period of MSC certification). This report presents the findings from the first year of a study to provide an assessment of the benefits of fishery accreditation, using the MSC certified North Sea (NS) haddock fishery as a detailed case study to determine current benefits and to track benefits for the next two consecutive years (in subsequent follow-up research). The objective of the project is to identify and assess the benefits of Scottish MSC haddock certification in branded MSC and non-labelled segments of the retail and foodservice supply chains. Furthermore, indirect benefits will be explored throughout the supply chain and with other stakeholders in the seafood industry

March 2014Download PDF

Fishermen's Environmental Monitoring Pilot - Exploring the Role of Fishermen in MPA and Environmental Monitoring

Dr Andrew Woolmer

The evidence and data requirements for the designation and subsequent monitoring of MPAs place significant logistical and economic burden for official bodies. This report demonstrates how the fishing industry can play an integral role in marine monitoring and evidence collection using underwater video surveys as a model. Collaborative surveys are shown to have mutual benefits in terms of cost and efficiency savings, knowledge transfer and relationship building.

September 2013Download PDF

Fisheries Resource Access Mapping Project: The Co. Down Wind Resource Zone

Matthew Service, Laurence Rooney, AFBI, Rod Cappell, Poseidon, Lynn Gilmore, Seafish, NI Seafood Ind

This report presents an assessment of the importance to the Northern Ireland fishing industry of the Wind Resource Zone (WRZ) off the County Down coast. This work is an early output from FishRAMP being undertaken by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and Poseidon with input from the NI seafood industry through the Seafish Northern Ireland Advisory Committee (SNIAC) as well as funding and support from Seafish and DARD.

August 2013Download PDF

Irish Sea Selectivity

Mike Montgomerie, Richard Briggs

This project was to trial several selectivity devices to find one that would reduce cod discards in the Northern Ireland nephrops fishery to 1.5% of the total catch. The devices tested were the Swedish Grid, four panel 'Seltra' style codends, coverless trawl, and a plastic grid.The one found most effective was the four panel codend extension with square mesh in the top panel.

June 2013Download PDF

Summary of the potential impacts of the network of English marine conservation zones on the UK fishing industry

Alex Caveen

This report combines three sources of information to help inform industry and Seafish about the potential impacts of the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) network on fishing through using; 1) the information provided by the four MCZ projects, 2) JNCC and NE advice to the government and 3) the four regional MCZ socio-economic impact assessments (SEIAs). The SEIAs show the potential annual value of fish landings that might be affected if potential MCZs are managed in a way that restrict fishing.

November 2012Download PDF