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Factsheet - Fish and Chips in Foodservice 2016

Julia Brooks

Over the last two years, servings of fish and chips increased 4.2% to 333.6m. The majority, of servings (53.1%) were in fish and chip shops. These servings increased by 10m; 6% more than the previous period.

December 2016Download PDF

Marine Legislation Newsletter – October 2016

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Proposed Management Measures for Queen Scallops; Wales – Marine Licensing Fees Consultation; Wales – Review of the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones; England – MMO Site Assessments for MPA’s; England – Natural England and JNCC; England – South Marine Plans; EU – Europeche calls for EU Action on MPA’s; EU – Regulation on Discards for ICES area IIa; UK – MPAs in Overseas Territories; EU – Outcome of the EU Fisheries and Aquaculture Council 10th October; EU – MEPs Resolution on Fairness in Fisheries Enforcement

November 2016Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 29/10/2016 – 04/11/2016

Cristina Fernandez

rish official to join European Commission Brexit taskforce; German Economists; France sets up team in Brexit push to lure business from London; nitrite injections; drop in fish consumption; EP Study "Seafood Industry Integration in the EU"; EP Questions.

November 2016Download PDF

Legislation Newsletter – October/November 2016

Fiona Wright, Ivan Bartolo, Peter Wilson, Mandy Pyke, Hannah Fawcett

Monthly update of seafood legislation developments, including: JBrexit; Illegally Treated Tuna; Regulatory Delivery’s Business Reference Panel; Business Expert Food Hygiene Group; Business Expert Food Labelling and Standards Group; Seafood Legislation Expert Group; Acrylamide; Live American Lobster Imports into the EU; SIPA Board Meeting; Bivalve Molluscan Shellfish Safety; BFFF/Seafish Importers Committee meeting.

November 2016Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 04/11/2016 – 11/11/2016

Cristina Fernandez

EU leaders plan to meet next month to discuss Brexit without UK; Germany delivers frosty warning to Britain's Johnson on Brexit; Discussion with the Italian Secretary of State on European Affairs; AGRIFISH Council - topics for discussion 14-15 November; Ecuador joins EU-Colombia/Peru trade agreement; Preventing food crises through better use of information - Symposium dedicated to preventive consumer protection; Erucic acid a possible health risk for highly exposed children EP Fisheries Committee 9 and 10 November; International ocean governance: EU's contribution for safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed oceans.

November 2016Download PDF