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Improving Selectivity in Towed Fishing Gears - Guidelines on the Rigging of Square Mesh Panels

K. Arkley

These guidelines are intended to assist fishermen with the rigging and use of square-mesh panels in compliance with current fisheries regulations (Square-Mesh Panel Council Reg. (EC) No 850/98. The Sea Fish (Specified Sea Areas) (Regulation of Nets and Other Fishing Gear) (Scotland) Order 2000 No.227)and The Sea Fish (Specified Sea Areas) (Regulation of Nets and Other Fishing Gear) Order 2001 No.649).

July 2001Download PDF

Guidance for Fish Processors on Water and Effluent Minimisation


Fish processors are facing dramatic increases in costs for discharging their effluent. This results from EU environmental legislation and may threaten the viability of many processing businesses. However, there is scope for processors to considerably reduce both the quantity and strength of their effluent and so minimise the increases in costs.

May 1999Download PDF

Guidance on Procedures to Minimise Risks to Food Safety in Bivalve Mollusc Purification, 1st Edition

Not known

March 1999Download PDF

Guidelines for the Facilities and Equipment Required for Handling Bivalve Molluscs from Harvesting through to Distribution to Retail Outlets, 1st Edition

Not known

Whilst these guidelines contain helpful technical information some of the legislative content may now be out of date.

1997Download PDF

The Guidelines for the Construction of Small Flat Wooden Trawl Doors

Not known

Traditional flat wooden otterboards are of simple construction, easily maintained and are ideally made from hardwood with steel reinforcements. These traditional otterboards tend to work at high angles of attack.

1995Download PDF