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Aquaculture in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: An Analysis of the Economic Contribution and Value of the Major Sub-Sectors and the Most Important Farmed Species

John Hambrey, Sue Evans

A report which analyses the economic contribution and value of the major aquaculture sub-sectors, and the most important farmed species in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

September 2016Download PDF

Aquaculture e-alert July 2016

Karen Green

Monthly aquaculture e-alert highlighting news items, legislation and reports.

August 2016Download PDF

Seafish Summary - Global picture of fishmeal production July 2016

Karen Green

Seafish summary showing the global picture of fishmeal production based on the United Nations Food and Aquaculture Organisation report: The State of Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016. Published July 2016.

August 2016Download PDF

Fishmeal and Feed Fisheries News Summary. July/Aug 2016.

Karen Green

Seafish continue to support the fishmeal industry through the provision of news and sustainability information. This monthly news bulletin covers the status of feed fish stocks, key EU and UK legislation, industry reports, fishmeal market reports, industry and market news, feed safety and omega-3 health messages.

August 2016Download PDF

SR695 UK Shellfish Production and Several, Regualting and Hybrid Orders

R Whiteley

The Contribution and Value of Orders in Relation to the Sector’s Past Development and Future Growth

August 2016Download PDF