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Seafish Brussels Update 26/05/2017 – 16/06/2017

Cristina Fernandez

Brexit: MEPs want EU and UK to take care of citizens’ rights first; The impact of Brexit in relation to the right to petition and on the competences, responsibilities and activities of the Committee on Petitions; The Consequences of Brexit for the Customs Union and the Internal Market Acquis for Goods; The Role and Powers of the European Parliament in the Brexit Process; General Affairs Council (Art. 50); Big fish in big trouble in Europe; EFSA explains risk assessment: nitrites and nitrates added to food; EU-China Food Safety Project Ramps Up fight against food fraud

May 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 31/03/2017 – 07/04/2017

Cristina Fernandez

President Juncker; Michel Barnier; Red lines Brexit negotiations; Commission launches Brexit website; Article 50 Q&A; Donald Tusk to meet Theresa May for Brexit talks; Brexit: trade governance legal implications for third countries; draft guidance on assessing safety of feed additives for target species; EU and Australia closer to launching trade negotiations; ACP countries to negotiate as a unified entity with EU; India in talks with European Union to ease marine import norms; Vietnam: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stops licensing seafood shipments to EU; Suspension of the authorisation of ethoxyquin as a feed additive for all animal species

April 2017Download PDF

About Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing (TESS)

Michaela Archer, Karen Green

Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing (TESS) is a website that provides information for businesses who want to manage social risks in their supply chains. It is aimed at seafood businesses who want to understand social responsibility and ‘what to do’ to address any issues in their supply chain. It is a ‘signposting’ tool providing a gateway to the wide range of helpful resources that Seafish is aware of. This factsheet provides more information about TESS including a series of questions and answers about the site

April 2017Download PDF

Seafish Bioeconomic Modelling: Methodology Report

Simon Mardle, Jennifer Russell, Arina Motova

The methodology report is intended to be a supplementary report to reports on findings from the Seafish bioeconomic model. The main purpose of the methodology report is to provide more detail on the operation of the three modules that together form the Seafish bioeconomic model and to provide more detail on the design and operation of the individual simulations developed for the model.

April 2017Download PDF

Aquaculture Opportunities for Enclosed Marine Water Bodies – Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Case Study

Syvret, M., Woolmer, A.P.

The SIP project output examines opportunities for aquaculture in/around enclosed marine water bodies, as well as the development of a generic design for a shellfish hatchery - the proposed Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay (TLSB) case study is a significant focus

April 2017Download PDF