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UK seafood processing sector - quarterly update (January - March 2018)

Hazel Curtis, Lewis Cowie, Ana Witteveen

This report presents the findings of the second Seafish quaterly survey of recruitment in the seafood processing sector. The report covers January to March 2018 and presents information on factors affecting recruitment, barriers to recruiting British staff, and adaptations companies would make if they were unable to recruit enough staff.

May 2018Download PDF

UK Seafood Value Chain by Home Nation 2017 Provisional

Julia Brooks

The UK value chain provides information on the main supply for seafood landed or imported into, or exported from the UK, as well as sales to consumers. In this document, the UK data is separated into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where specific information is available.

May 2018Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 07/05/2018 – 28/05/2018

Cristina Fernandez

What the think tanks are thinking; institutional consequences of a bespoke agreement based on a "close cooperation" model; Proposal for a Regulation on the apportionment of tariff rate quotas included in the WTO schedule of the Union following the withdrawal of the UK from the Union; Customs Union; General Affairs Council; Framework for UK-EU Economic Partnership; Brexit: Parliament's role in approving and implementing agreements with the EU; A Critical Perspective on “Associate EU Citizenship”; Trouble Ahead for post-Brexit Trade with the UK?; UK-US Trade Relations; Future UK-EU Trade Arrangements: Implications for Ireland’s Agri-food Sector

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Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 03/05/2018 – 31/05/2018

Cristina Fernandez

Fishery products from Brazil to be discussed at the next Standing Committee on Controls and Import Conditions; Commission adopts new rules on labelling origin of primary ingredients in food; COM proposal - Fisheries Control System; Public consultation on the interim evaluation of the direct management under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF); Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed - Section: "Controls and import conditions";Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) in support of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between the European Union and Republic of Indonesia; Overview of FTA and other trade negotiations

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Marine Legislation Newsletter – May 2018

Sarah Horsfall

DEFRA Environmental Principles and Governance post Brexit; Northern Ireland Marine Plan Scotland – Plastic Stemmed Cotton Buds; European Lobster Market Questionaire; Open Method of Coordination for Aquaculture; Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive; Proposal to designate Loch Carron as an MPA; MMO Marine Planning Engagement Outcomes; Commission Guidance on Conservation Measures under CFP; Report on Highly Protected Marine Areas; Workshop on Choke Species in Mixed Fisheries; Commission Staff Working Document on Conservation Measures; Report on Sustainable Aquaculture; State of the Environment Reports

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