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A review of the services provided by Seafish in relation to UK aquaculture industry


This interim report is submitted to Seafish as part of the assignment titled ‘A review of the services provided by Seafish in relation to the UK aquaculture industry’. The preparation of this report represents Deliverable 3 of the assignment. The structure and content of the report is based on previous agreement between the contractor and the client as presented in the inception report. The contractors seek review, comments and approval from Seafish on this interim report.

October 2014Download PDF

Use of discards in bait

Nathan de Rozarieux, NFFO Services Ltd

Further to the Defra ‘Fishing for the Markets’ initiative, this study explores whether discards from English vessels not destined for human consumption can be utilised in bait in England. Analysis of current discards from the English fleet and the pot bait needs of those targeting crab and lobster showed that the bait market could potentially utilise all discards in England. Commercial sea trials tested the effectiveness of a range of discards species as bait. These identified that virtually all species currently discarded by English fishing vessels could be used as effective pot bait for crabbers. But this was not the case for lobster catches where the sea trials showed a negative impact on the catch rate compared to traditional bait. The study concludes that the use of discards as pot bait will predominantly depend on the cost as they will be competing on price with a range of existing cost-effective baits already used by the potting sector.

August 2014Download PDF

SR685 Brown Crab Industry Insight

Gorkana Group

This report provides an in-depth review of brown crab issues as reported in the media. Issues covered include; ethics of production (clawing and harvesting); contamination; misrepresentation of pack messaging and stock status.

June 2014Download PDF

SR670 ERAEF Final report1.pdf


This report describes an exercise to assess the ecological effects of commercial fishing in waters off Southwest England (ICES Divisions VII e,f,g & h). We used the an Ecological Risk Screening (ERS) technique, which uses the available information about the effects of fishing on different ecological components; species or groups of species, habitats and ecological communities, to make an assessment of and pro-vide advice on the relative risks to each component in relation to a pre-agreed set of principles and goals.

May 2014Download PDF

Assessment of the benefits of MSC Certification to a major UK fishery and its supply chain

Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd.

his study has been undertaken by Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd for the Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Accreditation Group (SFSAG) and was completed from January to April 2014. The aim of this work is to inform decision making processes on Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, including whether fisheries should enter the MSC certification process in the first place or if currently certified fisheries should seek re-assessment (after the 5 year period of MSC certification). This report presents the findings from the first year of a study to provide an assessment of the benefits of fishery accreditation, using the MSC certified North Sea (NS) haddock fishery as a detailed case study to determine current benefits and to track benefits for the next two consecutive years (in subsequent follow-up research). The objective of the project is to identify and assess the benefits of Scottish MSC haddock certification in branded MSC and non-labelled segments of the retail and foodservice supply chains. Furthermore, indirect benefits will be explored throughout the supply chain and with other stakeholders in the seafood industry

March 2014Download PDF