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2012 Survey of the UK Seafood Processing Industry

Hazel Curtis, Richard Barr

This report provides an overview of the UK seafood processing industry. The report describes the industry structure, employment and characteristics, the supply and sales situation along with issues such as business management and the environment. The report also provides an analysis of the financial performance of the processing industry. This report is the latest in a series of reports undertaken every four years by Seafish.

October 2012Download PDF

2013 UK Fleet Optimisation Model

Erik Lindebo, Hazel Curtis, Susan Anton

This report describes the Seafish fleet capacity model and illustrates outputs for the North Sea and West of Scotland whitefish trawl segment.

May 2006Download PDF

2014 Quotas for pelagic stocks used in fishmeal production

Karen Green

This summarises the 2014 quota allocations for pelagic stocks used in fishmeal production for the North East Atlantic and South America.

May 2014Download PDF

2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken, Anne Cameron, Hazel Curtis

The fish processing industry has a long-standing tradition and is of key importance to regional UK economies. This report presents an overview and detailed analysis of the fish processing industry with particular emphasis on the sea fish processing sector. The analyses contained in this report utilise the latest UK seafood processing industry information, which is gathered and managed by Seafish Economics, namely 2014 Census data, 2012 Financial Survey data and qualitative research data gathered in late 2014 – early 2015.

May 2015Download PDF

2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report - Data Tables

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken

The present workbook contains data tables and additional analysis supplementing the 2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report (PDF).

May 2015Download XLSX