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Seafood Regulation Expert Group Minutes – December 2017

Hannah Thompson

Brexit; Primary Authority; Common Organisation of the Market Statutory Instrument (1379/2013); Fish Name Designations; Official Controls; EU Working Group Updates; French Scallop Proposal; Shellfish Classification and Monitoring Consultation; Microbiological Testing in Local Production Areas; Fisheries Control and Food Traceability; IUU; Access to fisheries e-log systems for local authorities; US Marine Mammal Protection Act; Managing Shellfish Toxin Risks in the Scallop Sector; Ireland Case Study; Regulating our Future; Nutritional Work on Healthy Fish and Chips; European Commission’s Fisheries Control Consultation; Imports; India; DEFRA's Brexit Work; Superchilling; Follow up on tubs with water for storage of fresh fish; Update on Contaminants; Histamine

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Marine Legislation Newsletter – November 2017

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Review of Inshore Mackerel Fishery Trial; Consultation on the Environment and Pesticides; Consultation on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment; Import of Far Eastern Shrimp and the Environment; Project Primefish; EU Parliament – Research Paper on Recreational and Semi-Subsistence Fishing; New Aquatic Animal Health Legislation; Announcement on New Environmental Body; Changes to the EURL for Molluscs following Brexit

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Legislation Newsletter – October 2017

Fiona Wright, Ivan Bartolo, Hannah Thompson, Sarah Horsfall, Cristina Fernandez

FDF Trade Association Round Table; EU Position paper on Intellectual property rights (including geographical indications; Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK - a position paper; Dual Quality Foods; Acrylamide; Seafood Regulation Expert Group; The Risk of Histamine and How to Prevent It- Seafish Briefing Paper; JCCC Brexit subgroup roundtable; Trade Facilitation Expert Panel; Market Advisory Council (MAC); Meeting with DG SANTE on superchilling Bivalve Mollusc Shellfish Safety; Seafish Marine Newsletter

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Social Media and Seafood

Zoe Healey

Humber Seafood Summit 2017

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Marine Legislation Newsletter – October 2017

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Review of Inshore Mackerel Fishery Trial; England – Prosecution for Release of Non-Native Species; EU – Briefing on Super-trawlers, Sustainable or Destructive; England – Landing of Berried Lobster and Crawfish; UK – Bio-beads, A New Report on Plastic Pollution; EU – Proposed Regulation on Fish Stocks in the Baltic; England – Report on Displacement of Fishing Effort in MPAs

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