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Appropriate Assessment Good Practice Guidelines

Mark Gray

A summary of guidelines to ensure those subject to an Appropriate Assessment are aware of the key areas that need to be addressed.

December 2006N/A

Guide to Recent Developments in European Food Law for the Seafood Industry

Seafish Legislation

There has been a major overhaul of food law by the European Commission in the last few years; this has lead to some confusion and misunderstandings about the burdens this will place on food businesses. The aim of this guidance is to clarify any new requirements for the seafood industry.

June 2006Download PDF

Legislative Requirements for the Disposal of Seafood Waste

Seafish Legislation

EU legislation on the disposal of animal by-products has and will continue to have major implications for the seafood industry. One effect of particular concern has been the ban on the use of landfill as a disposal route for most animal by-products and the additional inclusion of shell from shellfish as an animal by-product. To address industry concerns and develop a way forward Seafish established a Waste Working Group in April 2004 which brought together the various sectors of the seafood industry, the waste disposal and utilisation industries and industry regulators.

December 2005Download PDF

Designation of Auction Centres and Registration of Buyers and Sellers of First Sale Fish

Seafish Legislation

A new scheme is being introduced that will require buyers and sellers of first sale fish and shellfish landed into the UK to register with Fisheries Departments. It will also require the designation of auction centres and fish markets at which such fish is sold. Fisheries Departments have established a joint implementation advisory group with stakeholders to provide advice on implementing the new scheme. This guide has been produced with the aim of providing informal, non-statutory guidance for businesses of what is required of them in order to register (whether a fish auction centre, or as a buyer or seller of fish), submit sales notes and maintain appropriate records of first sale fish. This guide is advisory and does not have any legal status. Ultimately, only the courts can decide whether, in particular circumstances, an offence has been committed.

May 2005Download PDF

The Good Practice Guide to Handling and Storing Live Crustacea

M.Jacklin, J.Combes

Seafish has an ongoing programme to produce good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMP) for the fishing and related industries. These GMP guidelines have been produced for commercial operatives engaged in handling and storing live crustacea within the United Kingdom. They aim to help businesses achieve high standards of operation by encouraging practices that ensure product safety, product quality, and efficient use of resources. The advice has been produced in collaboration with the industry and appropriate regulators. The guidelines are relevant to sectors that handle live crustacea from capture to the point of dispatch (primary producers). They cover activities aboard vessels, at live holding premises ashore and during ‘vivier’ transportation.

May 2005Download PDF