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Fish Smoking


This open learning module deals with the principles and methods used to smoke fish and shellfish. Available as a series of downloadable chapters from the Seafood Training Academy. A range of additional information including a free to access elearning programme on seafood smoking is available from the Seafood Training Academy's webpage on smoking hyperlink for the text webpage on smoking

December 1986N/A

Trawl Door Development Project Flume Tank Testing of 1:4 Scale Model Vee & Flat Doors


This report presents the results of the first testing stage for the joint SFIA/DAFS Trawl Door Development Project. 1:4 scale model vee and flat doors were tested using a new flume tank test rig. The tests involved the first application of a computer aided angle mesuring system developed by DAFS. The results are inconclusive. Problems encountered during the tests with both the DAFS system and the general testing method are discussed.

September 1985N/A

Scallop Cultivation Trials - Progress to Credit Manual


Preliminary data from ear hanging trials show better growth than in low density lantern net culture. The 8% loss due to drop off could be reduced through improvements in the technique for drilling the shells. Hevy predation by crabs or scallops in seabed cultivation has prompted a programme of shore based trials to be undertaken this summer.

June 1985N/A

Manila Clam Ongrowing Trials Progress Report April/May 1985.


Trials to investigate the feasibility of ongrowing hatchery produced Manila clams (Tapes semi-decussata) continued with sampling and monitoring of the three different stocks (Winter, Easter and summer) during periods of springtides. As before, survival within the three study sites varied considerably, losses again being attributed to predation by crabs, mainly the shore crab (Carinus meanus). Growth continued at reduced rate over the winter months and the fastest growers had reached a mean size of 28mm by March 1985.

June 1985N/A

Power Audit Trials on Scottish Seiner 'Acorn'

W. Siddle

The "Acorn" is a 24m vessel with a 575 hp engine and is designed for seining and trawling. The trials consisted of measurement of main and auxiliary engine powers during a normal commercial voyage. This report has been produced from a scanned original and may therefore contain some formatting and other inaccuracies. In cases where this affects the technical content, a paper copy of the original report can still be obtained from Seafish

August 1984N/A