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Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 14/02/2018 – 21/02/2018

Cristina Fernandez

FVO audit report on Vietnam unveils lack of controls on brine frozen tuna destined for canning industry; India: Quality control lab for seafood opened in BBSR; Update on EU/US agreement on live bivalve molluscs; Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/233 of 15 February 2018 on the approval of plans submitted by third countries in accordance with Article 29 of Council Directive 96/23/EC; Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed. Section Import Controls; Codex Committee on contaminants in food

February 2018Download PDF

Seafood Industry Factsheet


This information publication is produced annually and contains a wealth of headline information and statistics on the UK seafood industry. Last published March 2018.

February 2018Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 19/02/2018 – 26/02/2018

Cristina Fernandez

Brexit; Resolution on the framework of the future EU-UK relationship; Brexit Literature Update 02/2018; Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement; Indicative Programme - General Affairs and General Affairs (Art. 50) Council meeting, Brussels 27 February 2018; Draft Text for Discussion: Implementation Period; Changes to EU Withdrawal Bill to be discussed at Joint Ministerial Committee meeting; Future UK fisheries policy; Brexit: who has said what about transition; Brexit: Council Directives for Negotiations on Transition; UK could opt to apply same trade tariffs as EU after Brexit: EU lawmaker; Seafood industry's workforce exposure to hard Brexit 'worse than earlier thought'

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Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 21/02/2018 – 28/02/2018

Cristina Fernandez

ECJ concludes Fisheries Agreement between EU and Morocco is valid in so far as it is not applicable to Western Sahara and to its adjacent waters; Call for interest to become a member of EU Domestic Advisory Group for CETA; Vietnam initiates WTO complaint against United States over seafood import measures; FVO Audit reports on Vietnam and Peru - weaknesses revealed; European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products; The Trawler - PECH Committee News; Meeting of SPS Committee Communication from World Organisation for animal health (OIE); impact of EU IUU Regulation on seafood trade flows

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About Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing (TESS)

Michaela Archer, Karen Green

Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing (TESS) is a website that provides information for businesses who want to manage social risks in their supply chains. It is aimed at seafood businesses who want to understand social responsibility and ‘what to do’ to address any issues in their supply chain. It is a ‘signposting’ tool providing a gateway to the wide range of helpful resources that Seafish is aware of. This factsheet provides more information about TESS including a series of questions and answers about the site

January 2018Download PDF