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Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2006-2015

Steven Lawrence, Sebastien Metz, Arina Motova

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2006-15. The dataset includes data for approximately 30 UK fleet segments, and has been produced by combining costs and earnings information from vessel accounts (collected as a result of our annual Fleet Survey of vessel owners) with official effort, landings and capacity data for all active UK fishing vessels, which was provided by the UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO). It contains estimates for the years 2006-2014 and an early estimate for 2015 based on official data, 2015 fuel prices and 2014 cost structures.

August 2016Download PDF

Quay Issues: 2014 Economics of the UK Fishing Fleet

Steve Lawrence, Marta Moran Quintana, Arina Motova

Part of the Quay Issues family of publications, the '2014 Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet' includes the most recent nationwide costs and earnings data on the UK catching sector. The study presents the latest economic data for the commercially active UK fishing fleet and includes chapters on income, costs, fuel, employment and profitability as well as a comparison of the four home nation fleets.

June 2016Download PDF

Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2005-14

Steve Lawrence, Sébastien Metz, Jennifer Russell

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2005-14. Tables are supplemented by graphs and economic analysis provided by the Seafish economics team.

March 2016Download PDF

Economic analysis of the UK 15m and over scallop fishing fleet in ICES Area VII

Hazel Curtis, Arina Motova, Marta Moran Quintana, Sebastien Metz

From 2012, the UK 15m and over king scallop fishing fleet in ICES Area VII has been operating under the Western Waters management regime, which limits the number of annual days at sea a vessel can fish for scallop or queen scallops. Three years into the implementation of the management regime, Seafish has conducted this study which provides an overview of the behaviour of the fleet and provides insights into the profitability of the sector and the factors that drive it.

March 2016Download PDF

Landing Obligation Economic Impact Assessment Final Report

Jennifer Russell, Simon Mardle, Hazel Curtis, Rod Cappell, Sébastien Metz

The economic impact assessment has four primary goals: analyse the potential consequences of the landing obligation for the UK fleet – if there is no substantive change in fishing patterns; explore the potential value of different policy levers to the UK fleet; identify potential choke stocks and their associated choke points in different sea areas, and for different fleet segments; and communicate the areas of greatest challenge with regards to mitigating the impact of the landing obligation in the UK.

February 2016Download PDF