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Traceability and Sustainability in the nephrops fishery

K Arkley, G Dunlin

This report details the results of pilot demonstration trials by Youngs Bluecrest to improve the data on nephrops tails supplied to the company. This is to facilitate product traceability and production planning and to demonstrate product integrity and the company's commitment to a sustainable fishing policy.

June 2004N/A

Haddock project progress report 2003

J. Treasurer, C.Mazorra de Quero, P.Smith, J. Sherwood, E. Cochrane and L.Ford

Key Words: Haddock, Melanogrammus aegleflnus, hatchery, growth, broodstock, egg production.

January 2004N/A

Improving The Selectivity of Towed Fishing Gears - New Prawn Trawl Designs to Avoid Capture of Unwanted Bycatch

J Swarbrick, W Lart

This report describes the process of conceiving, designing and evaluating a novel trawl for Nephrops.

March 2002N/A

Proceedings of the Fantaccord Workshop March 2002

P MacMullen

The Fantaccord workshop was closely associated with a European research contract with the acronym ‘Fantared 2’ (contract FAIR-CT98-4338). The full title of this work was ‘A study to identify, quantify and ameliorate the impacts of static gears lost in European waters’. Fantared 2 was undertaken by a partnership of fisheries institutes from Norway, Sweden, UK, France, Spain and Portugal. Part of the Fantared project involved establishing national advisory groups (NAGs) of fishers and others to guide and review the work, particularly the simulations of gear loss by deploying and monitoring experimental arrays of fishing gear. It was thought to be important that these exercises were as commercially realistic as possible so that the resulting data had credibility with the commercial sector. In part this perception arose from the sensitivity of the topic of ‘ghost fishing’.

March 2002N/A

EC Seminar on safety at sea and the role of the media Guilvinec France

K. Arkley, J. Swarbrick

The Activities of the Commission of the EC with regard to Safety and Working conditions in the Sea Fishing Industry.

October 1989N/A