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2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report - Data Tables

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken

The present workbook contains data tables and additional analysis supplementing the 2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report (PDF).

May 2015Download XLSX

2016 Economics of the UK Fishing Fleet

Steve Lawrence, Marta Moran Quintana, Arina Motova

The 2016 Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet provides a detailed insight into the financial and operational performance of UK registered fishing vessels during 2015 and 2016. Included is data on vessel numbers and activity, fishing income and fish prices, and annual operating costs such as fuel and crew amongst other things. This is the eleventh edition of this annual report

June 2017Download PDF

2017 Pilot Survey of Employment in the UK Fishing Fleet

Arina Motova, Marta Moran Quintana, Hazel Curtis

This report presents an overview and discussion of the methods and data collected during the 2017 pilot survey of employment in the UK fishing fleet, conducted by Seafish. The main purpose of the pilot survey was to test a methodology and questionnaire design for the collection of social data on the UK fishing fleet. The information presented in this report focuses on the sample collected and does not represent a complete picture of employment throughout the UK fishing fleet.

October 2017Download PDF

A case study review of the potential impact of proposed CFP discard reform. Poseidon report to Seafish UK, 2013

Cappell, R & Macfadyen, G

The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) introduces a landing obligation to eliminate discarding. The objective of this research, was to determine the potential economic implications of this discards ban on selected case study UK fleets through establishing a) how would the landing obligation affect fleet economic performance, b) at fleet level, and given current discards, what would the quota requirements amount to, and c) identify any ‘choke’ species that could limit operations of the fleet. The report highlights two key aspects of the landings obligation: the restricting effect of so-called “choke” species, and a lack of clarity surrounding the permitted flexibilities contained within the legislation. The results confirm what we already thought: much work remains to be done in order to ensure that we have a fishing fleet which operates sustainably, profitably and in line with the recently agreed landings obligation.

January 2014Download PDF

Comparing Industry Sector Values, With a Case Study of Commercial Fishing and Recreational Sea Angling

Rob Tinch

This report evaluates and recommends different economic analysis methods for comparing the value of industry sectors and informing policy questions about allocation of resources to achieve efficiency or fairness of distribution.

July 2015Download PDF