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Utilisation of 2015 EU Faroe Bi-lateral Agreement

Jennifer Russell, Hazel Curtis

The Seafish Pelagic Industry Issues Group (SPIIG) asked Seafish to undertake an independent analysis of the utilisation by the UK and rest of EU of the 2015 EU-Faroe bilateral agreement and the utilisation of the agreement by Faroe. An estimate of the sales value of landings made under the agreement was also requested. The analysis of the 2015 agreement repeats a project undertaken by Seafish for SPIIG in 2015, which analysed utilisation of the 2014 bilateral agreement

November 2016Download PDF

Quay Issues: Issue 3

Kirsten Milliken, Steven Lawrence, Marta Moran Quintana

Quay Issues is a magazine for the fishing industry. It tells some of the stories unearthed during our annual Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet.

November 2016Download PDF

Economic analysis of UK vessels dredging for king scallops in ICES Area 7

Hazel Curtis, Marta Moran Quintana, Arina Motova

Since 2012 there is a cap on the annual number of days at sea that 15m and over scallop vessels can dredge in ICES Area 7, as part of the Western Waters Management Regime (WWMR). In response to requests by industry and government, Seafish analysed the economic performance of UK vessels that dredge for king scallops in Area 7. The analysis uses fishing activity and economic data of UK vessels that landed any amount of king scallops from Area 7 during a calendar year from 2008 to 2015.

November 2016Download PDF

Seafish Economic Analysis: Contribution to fishing made by non-EEA crew members

Hazel Curtis

This paper reviews relevant evidence and presents broad estimates of the contribution made to fishing in key fleet segments in Scotland and in Northern Ireland by crew members from non-EEA countries. It also addresses the question, if non-EEA crew were removed, what might the impacts on industry be in the short, medium and longer term?

August 2016Download PDF

Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2006-2015

Steven Lawrence, Sebastien Metz, Arina Motova

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2006-15. The dataset includes data for approximately 30 UK fleet segments, and has been produced by combining costs and earnings information from vessel accounts (collected as a result of our annual Fleet Survey of vessel owners) with official effort, landings and capacity data for all active UK fishing vessels, which was provided by the UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO). It contains estimates for the years 2006-2014 and an early estimate for 2015 based on official data, 2015 fuel prices and 2014 cost structures.

August 2016Download PDF