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Legislation Newsletter – October 2017

Fiona Wright, Ivan Bartolo, Hannah Thompson, Sarah Horsfall, Cristina Fernandez

FDF Trade Association Round Table; EU Position paper on Intellectual property rights (including geographical indications; Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK - a position paper; Dual Quality Foods; Acrylamide; Seafood Regulation Expert Group; The Risk of Histamine and How to Prevent It- Seafish Briefing Paper; JCCC Brexit subgroup roundtable; Trade Facilitation Expert Panel; Market Advisory Council (MAC); Meeting with DG SANTE on superchilling Bivalve Mollusc Shellfish Safety; Seafish Marine Newsletter

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Aquaculture e-alert September 2017

Karen Green

Monthly aquaculture e-alert highlighting news items, legislation and reports.

October 2017Download PDF

Social Media and Seafood

Zoe Healey

Humber Seafood Summit 2017

October 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 06/10/2017 – 13/10/2017

Cristina Fernandez

No more fisheries management after Brexit?; Press statement by Michel Barnier following fifth round of Article 50 negotiations; Address by President Donald Tusk to European Committee of Regions; Trade and Customs White Papers; Brexit: trade aspects; Brexit and data protection; Exiting the EU and data protection; Opinion of the European Banking Authority on issues related to the departure of UK from EU; Joint EU-UK letter to WTO outlines intentions for tariff-rate quotas; EP discussion on Dual Quality Foods with Commission; Outcome of EU Council on Agriculture and Fisheries; The European Union to evaluate Taiwan's efforts to curb illegal fishing

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Quick summary of 2017 ICES advice for the seven key pelagic species

Karen Green

Seafish continues to support the fishmeal industry through the provision of news and factual information. This quick summary of the 2017 ICES advice covers blue whiting, capelin, herring, mackerel, Norway pout, sandeel and sprat.

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