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1987 Halibut Rearing at Seafish, Ardtoe

J.E. Dye

Halibut rearing from broodstock held at the MFU achieved considerable success in 1987 with the successful hatchings of egg larvae and the survival of a small number through metamorphosis to the juvenile state. This report describes in detail the procedures followed. This report has been produced from a scanned original and may therefore contain some formatting and other inaccuracies. In cases where this affects the technical content, a paper copy of the original report can still be obtained from Seafish.

October 1987Download PDF

2000 Survey of the UK Sea Fish Processing Industry

H.C. Curtis

In this detailed report the structure of the whole industry is revealed, highlighting trends and changes since 1995 and earlier. Tables, charts, and graphs illustrate the key points concerning how the industry is organised, how it is evolving, and how this affects the distribution of employment in the industry. Results are broken down by region, by company size, by fish type, and by type of processing carried out (primary, secondary, or mixed). There is detailed financial analysis of the primary and mixed processing sectors, showing the strengths and weaknesses of the industry as a whole, and highlighting regional and sectoral differences.

2000Download PDF

2001 Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet

J.Watson, A. Martin

The survey involved the collection of costs and earnings information on 448 vessels across the UK and built on a previous survey carried out in 1998 on behalf of Seafish (The Fishermen’s Handbook). All UK registered vessels greater than ten metres in length, 7-10 metre vessels in Scotland, and English Channel inshore vessels were targeted.


2003 Economic Survey of the North Sea and West of Scotland Whitefish Fleet

J. Watson, R. Seidel

This survey involved the collection of costs and earnings data on 107 whitefish vessels fishing the North Sea and West of Scotland. It gives a picture of the financial health of the UK whitefish fleet in 2002/2003. You can download here the key features of the report.

December 2003Download PDF

2004 Survey of the UK Fish Processing Industry

H. Curtis, R. White

Survey of the UK fish processing industry. Industry trends relating to production units, industry studture, employment numbers, supply, sales, and employment trends. The report also contains a financial analysis of the industry.

March 2005Download PDF