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Live Bivalve Mollusc End Product Testing

Mandy Pyke

This guidance document explains the responsibilities of the food business operator as regards end product testing of live bivalve molluscs.

November 2016Download PDF

The Landing Obligation Made Simple

Nick Connelly

A guide to The Landing Obligation. This guide explains what is meant by the landing obligation, the background behind it and the changes it may create in the seafood industry.

May 2016Download PDF

Minutes of the Seafish Food Legislation Expert Group 12 May 2015

Peter Wilson

Seafish Corporate Plan 2015 - 2018; Expert Group Review – Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO); Official Controls Review – hygiene charges update; Fisheries Control – traceability; Labelling – Declaration of gross weight and date of freezing – stakeholder meeting; Better Regulation Delivery Office Food Labelling and Food Hygiene Expert Panel reports; Imports

June 2015Download PDF

Coastal Characterisation & the CSO Text Alert Initiative

Martin Bowes, Mandy Pyke

Combined Sewer Overfalls (CSO's) are a safety valve in the treatment of human waste that can when operated in the area of bivalve mollusc harvesting. Text alerts of activation of CSO's direct to harvesters are now being trialled in the UK. This document describes the factors that can be considered by a harvester when carrying out a risk assessment. Knowledge of these factors affects when text alerts are received will result in enhanced active management decisions.

September 2013Download PDF

Water Quality in Purification (Depuration) Systems. Guidance for Purification Plant Operators

Mandy Pyke, Cefas

Only ‘clean seawater’ should be used in the depuration system. Cefas has issued advice on water quality in terms of turbidity and microbiology. The seawater used should carry no risk of contaminating the shellfish (including the risk from ‘harmful substances’ or toxic marine plankton). Further advice on issues relating to the statutory requirements for clean seawater and purification system operation is available by contacting Cefas. Technical advice relating to purification system design is available from Seafish.

December 2012Download PDF