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Seafish Brussels Brexit Update 20/11/2017 – 27/11/2017

Cristina Fernandez

The implications of Brexit on the Irish Border; Brexit: European Commission welcomes decision by EU27 Member States to relocate UK-based Agencies; Outcome of the Council of the EU on General Affairs - Article 50; Brexit: the November negotiations; Why Brexit is shrouded in ambiguity?; IRU (the global industry association for road transport) position on Brexit; Brexit impact in the North Sea Region; Brexit – the Voices of European Business; Policy paper - Industrial Strategy: the Grand Challenges

November 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Seafood Regulation Update 22/11/2017 – 29/11/2017

Cristina Fernandez

Changes in the EU reference laboratory for monitoring the viral and bacterial contamination of bivalve molluscs; Combating Transnational Organised Crime in the fishing industry: Global Challenges and International Cooperation;US: changes affecting US stakeholders that export fishery products directly to the European Union; India, EU hold discussions on proposed free trade agreement; The life history puzzle of body size and temperature; Possible illegal bluefin tuna imports; Import controls on Vietnamese Panga

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Marine Legislation Newsletter – November 2017

Sarah Horsfall

Scotland – Review of Inshore Mackerel Fishery Trial; Consultation on the Environment and Pesticides; Consultation on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment; Import of Far Eastern Shrimp and the Environment; Project Primefish; EU Parliament – Research Paper on Recreational and Semi-Subsistence Fishing; New Aquatic Animal Health Legislation; Announcement on New Environmental Body; Changes to the EURL for Molluscs following Brexit

November 2017Download PDF

Seafood 2040

Alison Austin

A stategic framework for England

November 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 29/09/2017 – 06/10/2017

Cristina Fernandez

Debate on Brexit; Speech by Michel Barnier at Plenary Session of European Parliament on state of play of negotiations with UK; European Commission publishes assessment of offers to host European Banking Authority and European Medicines Agency, currently located in UK; General Affairs Council: Outcome of the meeting; Public consultation on scientific opinion on dietary reference values for sodium (intermediate draft) and related protocol; Assessment of the incidents of histamine intoxication in some EU countries; Dual Quality Foods - Fish Fingers; European Union leads the way on global actions for better governance of the oceans

October 2017Download PDF